The Liberties in the 21st Century
February 23, 2013

Come all you lads and lassies and good folk from the Coombe
And listen very carefully while I sing this soulful tune
I’ve come to praise the Liberties both the old and the new
I’ve come to praise the people who are honest, pure and true.

Now you have all heard of Zozimus who said his poems out loud
He never failed to entertain or titillate the crowd
But he never had a microphone to harangue the populace as they passed
Today he’d have less trouble, he could make a pod-cast.

And Billy-in-the Bowl who got about with ease
Although he had no legs and was riddled with disease
Today he’d have a wheel-chair all powered by batteries
To strangle all the quicker in the sweet old Liberties.

And Bang-Bang used the Buses with a large key in his hand
And frightened all the children in their native land
Today he’d let off fire-works as he’d ride along the Luas
But he couldn’t jump off quickly so he’d have to douse the fuse.

And what of Johnny forty-coats who was terrified of the cold
As he rambled round the neighbourhood, his story often told
Today he’d have an anorak made of pure Teflon
With a heat-pack in each pocket so easy to switch on.

And what of Robert Emmet, our greatest Rebel from the past
Who escaped down Francis Street when the die was cast
Would he have joined the Peace Process and played the moderate card?
Or would he have joined Bruce Willis and remained a die-hard ?

And the dealers all on Thomas Street who used to shout their prices
Now are much more worried now about the Euro Zone Crisis
And the constant dipping value of their properties in Spain
While there’s nothing can be done here to stop this bloody rain.

The changes that are coming, the changes that have passed
Are a source of much confusion to this ever changing cast
But whatever the confusion, the future will shine bright
If, like the people of the Liberties, we treat each other right.



Riposte – 23/02/2012



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