January 20, 2013

Sick, a confused heaviness over me,
A definite fondness but a feverish haze after that.
Like an excited moth when a light’s turned on
In a dull room.
Drawn to it fluttering and not altogether sure,
But lost and empty once switched off.
Why am I the moth? And you pretty fluorescent light
That teasingly turned off.
Now left heart heavy wondering, in a halfway house,
Whether or not the bulb’s blown.

broken lightbulb

Fraxinus – 20/01/2013

Composed, December 27th 2005

The Moth
January 10, 2013

Welcome to my World my friend,

Do you see it the same as I?

Do you share my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams,

As around this tomb you fly?


I see that you are restless,

I know that feeling well,

You’re looking for escape,

Through the window of my cell.


Pray stay with me,

Stay a while,

Make a difference to my day,

I’ll write a verse about you, then guide you on your way.



Trow – 10/01/2013

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