Kinds of Love
February 14, 2013

The kind we give
The kind we take
The kind we fall in
The kind we make.

Love forever
Love for now
Love unintended
Love !… wow 🙂

Delightful confusion
Infinitely clear…
Familiar mystery,
Definitively dear.

C. Flower – 14/02/2013

The Nights Pass Slow
January 2, 2013

Because I don’t have you in my arms
The nights pass slow.
But you are the soul of my nights
Its darkness is my foe.
And remembered images
Are dismembered, like shredded pages.

But my days are full of joy.
They give me the strength
That the darkness can’t defy.
And I have never held your hand – nor you mine.
Though I brushed your cheek – one time.
Yet your glance
Makes my heart dance,
My stomach churn, in giddy turn,
And this tightness in my throat,
Inspires this simple poet.
Yet these feelings frighten me,
I fear to lose your friendship.
I fear the loss of the light
That you have shed on my dark places.
For you have made me what I will become.
And because I don’t have you in my arms
The nights pass slow.


Andrew49 – 02/01/2013

December 7, 2012

From an infinite distance

time stands still

And diamonds never rot.


And I still love you as I did,

before the winter fell.



Snow Rose Wallpaper


eamo – 07/12/2012

(Composed in Germany, Late 1970s)

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