The Prodigal Son
December 29, 2012

Estranged for most of the year,
Through actions of his own doing
Rolls up to the door
But there is no trouble brewing
Forgotten in what seemed an age
And arrived after about a year
The prodigal son walks through the door
And allays every single fear
Greeted with open arms
and kisses to the cheek
Christmas feels like it did years ago
Light at the end of the tunnel, tis not bleak
We take out a chair for him
The cry goes out “Make room for one more at the table”
He tells us about move abroad
And how his marriage was not stable
Family torn up
And in need of a break
We’ll always have room for him
We are all allowed to make the odd mistake
It doesnt matter what has been said
Or for that matter, what has been done,
For we now have back a member of the family
No longer a prodigal son

Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå

Fluffybiscuits – 29/12/2012

The Season of Love and Hate
December 25, 2012

A procession of visitors descending without warning.

Once a year hellos and hugs the veneer that covers the scars.

Opening frostiness thawing as conversation begins to flow.

Smiling through gritted teeth at inane chatter and enjoying the gossip.

Then news of an unexpected death at home that leaves us deflated.

Thinking why couldn’t it have been one of you and not really meaning it.

Another cup of tea and biscuits, a drop of whiskey, it must be half-time by now.

Old ground gone over for the thousandth time, the career news and boasting.

Okay that’s enough friendliness for now and we’re all sick of each other again.

Finally the end comes as they must be on their way while it’s still bright.

Wistfully waving goodbye knowing that for some this meeting might be their last.




Shaadi – 25/12/2012

Christmas in Thomas Street
December 22, 2012

As the shades of evening drop on Thomas Street

and the multi-coloured light draws down

and the stall-holders make their offers

-the best value on the south side of town

And as the shoppers gather eagerly

to view and test their wares

and penitents mingle fervently

to recite their festive prayers

As the little children point and shout with glee

and dream of Christmas presents bright

and mums and dads search through their wallets

to deliver the gifts that are just right.

And while people rush from far and near

and most can hardly wait

St. Nicholas, Holy, Ever True

bestows His Blessing Great

on all the folks in the Liberties

close by this City’s Gate.



Image: Angelo Failla via Veezzle

Riposte – 22/12/2012

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