Toothbrush In A Poem

Daily grind, daily scrub, daily girl, daily gob

The sweet, sickly squeeze of paste, the morning news

The weary, ageing, sadding face

Did you ever do this?

Point the pasted brush, drag and release its bristles

At the mirror?

Just for the heck of it

A spray of insurrection

A rule inverted, a ritual undone

The funny chaos of minty dots

A small revolution reflected

Back at one


MediaBite – 16/02/2013

3 Responses

  1. you big rebel
    wld say
    dab hand
    Flash N Vac

  2. How do spell blowing a raspberry? That. Mr Barrington šŸ™‚

  3. Ha! An act of rebellion is indeed a purging experience. I commend the lofty and hygienic subject matter but greatly enjoy the undercurrent of anarchy. Well conceived – well done.

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